About me

Hi there, my name is Rachel.

Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping by!

I am married to my husband David, and I am momma of two. I’m walking through life as a mom, a military spouse and follower of Jesus! 

To be honest, creating this “about me” page was the hardest part of setting up this blog for me! My husband even jokingly asked me, “shouldn’t it be easy to just write about yourself?” 

So… Who am I? What do I have to share? Why would anyone want to read this page? 

Sound familiar to any of you out there? 

Have you ever felt the urge to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? To try something that would take courage and hard work, something that could ultimately be an exciting new adventure, or maybe even turn out to be a flop? Whatever the outcome of this blog may be. Well, that’s the urge I felt, so… here I am!

This may change and evolve as time goes on, but for now I can tell you that my goal is to inspire moms and military spouses to love God, overcome daily challenges and experience Gods radiant love through our MESSY STICKY lives through encouraging words and creative ideas.

How do I define sticky? 

You know the moment you’re out on a date and you run your fingers through your “clean hair” (No really… not just throw in some baby powder or dry shampoo kind of clean, but shampoo / conditioner clean hair) and your fingers get stuck on something and you are trying to remember at what point your little muncherdoodles (as we like to call our little ones) might have got something sticky and hard in your hair?! 

Well, that’s it, life can be sticky in the literal sense of having sticky messes to clean up off the table, floor, hair, a shirt… you name the place, or even in the figurative sense of sticky, such as our hearts, minds, relationship with our husbands, friends, or even God.

The theme scripture for this blog as it is coming into existence is  

Ps 34:5 those who look to Him are radiant their faces are never covered with shame

So, I invite you to join me! Are there thoughts, topics, ideas you have for this blog?

Let me know!