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Today what am I thankful for… Many things, but one thing for sure, God’s grace. Because of that, here I am picking this back up. I have planned to write this many different ways but my words seem to escape me in the moments I try to sit and write. Or I feel a level of frustration with myself for allowing “life” to get me so far off track with this blog. I truly don’t know the outcome of this, or why I sense so strongly that God is wanting me to take this journey. But here I am picking it back up. 

Since I started this blog, I have had the idea of writing multiple posts about Mommy Hacks. I continually go back and forth thinking, there is the chance that these hacks won’t be new to you, but on the chance that I could help encourage and help another momma in anyway, here they are.

Mommy Hacks A – Z. Not sure what order they will appear and how often I’ll be adding to this list. Like I mentioned, it has been on my mind since the beginning of this journey even though that was a while ago. I decided today, to start somewhere with this blog. That somewhere is right here, Mommy Hacks A-Z. 

I would like to say first say, that we are all on our own journey and things that may work for me, may not work for you. There is a chance they’ll either work or possibly spark an idea in you, that can help you get out of a rut. To completely counter that (at least for the first two letters… I truly feel that Mommy Hacks A and B are a must. A – B will actually include an extra hidden hack within a letter. So today you’ll get 3 for 2, what a deal! 

Now, like I said these are my thoughts, and they may or may not work for you. But I truly feel as a mommy, it is so important to ARISE before our children do. (Now, there are times we get sick, our littles wake us up during the middle of the night, but on the norm, I truly feel it is vital). Not sure what that might look for you, a cup of coffee/tea, glass of water, devotional, listening to some worship music, praying, reading your bible or just sitting and preparing for what the day has to hold. But I have found that when I can get up and get myself in the right mindset for the day, it helps set into motion our day in a good way.

This one again you may agree with or disagree with. But I do 100% think that it is a must. It is what keeps me grounded, keeps me fed, keeps my focus on truth & life even in the midst of life’s not so enjoyable situations (blow outs… spilled milk… tantrums… deployments… or in our current COVID craziness) as well as the wonderful situations. 

The bonus hack fits under this section.

My husband, David and I were on a date night walking through Barns and Noble just before he left for his deployment. We just love this date night! It might sound strange to you, but one of my best friends introduced us to it. I love that we are able to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (because I can’t have caffeine after 3pm or I’ll be up all night!) and walk around the store and browse books, or we can sit and talk, and the occasional time of people watching while we enjoy our beverages.

During this specific date, we were looking at books and trying to find a book that the other person would enjoy but normally wouldn’t buy for themselves. We walked by a coloring book and I mentioned to him how I love coloring but never have the time to do it. He went ahead and grabbed that book saying, “You’ll find time.” My first thought was to laugh, which I think I may have. “Right David, when am I going to have time to fit in coloring… for leisure?”

I am so glad he did! **Back to the bonus hack.** I’m not sure when the idea came to me, but every morning (lately), when I ARISE before my kiddos. I grab my iPhone or iPad and open up the Bible app. I have a yearly Bible app I am going through that helps me read the whole Bible in a year. 

What I have started to do, is listen to my daily reading while I color. The best part of this is how much it helps me focus.  It helps my mind not to wander to all the things that seem to try and take my time away from my daily Bible reading.  Is it just me or does anyone else mind wander when they read their Bibles? I feel like so often the moment I crack open my physical Bible or the app, I remember I need to put “____” on the grocery list, or I was supposed to text/call someone, or I forgot to get the meat to defrost for dinner, ect.. While I am coloring, I am able to really listen to the words, while enjoying coloring which helps fill my love of do any sort of craft.  

I guess a second bonus hack is that when I am having my devotional time. I try to keep a piece of paper/post it note. Then, when my mind wanders to all the things that I need to get done for the day I can jot them on the paper and get to them AFTER I finish my devotional time.

One little extra note with the Bible app, within the different versions of the Bible ESV, NKJV, NIV, ect.. there are different readers for each version. Each of their voices are different… so if you decide to try this idea out, you may need to try a few different versions until you find a voice that doesn’t sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown, “Wha Wa Whaaa Wa”. I am currently listening to the ESV version.

As I am writing this I also want to encourage you in your days of being a mommy, that your spiritual walk and mornings can and will look so very different in the different seasons of being a mommy. Mommy of 1, of 2, of 3.. dare I say of 4 or even 5? What worked well in your devotional time as a mommy of 1 will look very different as a mommy of 3 (which I have been learning  a lot about in the last 7 months). But I want to encourage you, to find what works, and make sure to keep moving forward in your spiritual journey. 

Two questions I’ll leave with you:

1. What mommy hacks would you like to share with others? Something you did and then thought, “gosh I wish I would have known or thought of this years ago!

2. What does your spiritual walk look like now as a mommy? Are you taking the time to continually grow in relationship with Jesus? 

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