She Speaks Stories (Podcast)

Today’s herStory is going to be a little different than I envisioned this section to look, but I have been so encouraged by these two women and their guests that I really wanted to share them with you!

This week I am sharing one of my favorite podcasts. This podcast is hosted by two beautiful women who love big and serve God. They recently celebrated their 1 year birthday with the podcast. It’s a little funny but not ironic, each week as I prepare to write, words come pouring out of my fingers and mind almost faster than I can type. This week I struggled a little. Which is odd because I have many posts that are half written or even mostly finished… but I just didn’t feel as though any of those were the ones to share this week.

Now as a little backdrop, I actually started writing about this podcast 2 or 3 times but never finished. I would start typing and then think no, this is just me, it’s not the story for the week. Then my mom mentioned well maybe write about Christmas memories or something. But again, nothing was coming to me.

Waking up this morning a little discouraged, I need a blog for the week…Lord! I need the blog topic because today is Wednesday and the day I need to post! While I was still lying in bed praying about the day, I asked the Lord, what should I write? I truly felt like he said finish the blog about the podcast. 

My thoughts were to briefly share with you about one of the hosts, Katie. Now, here is a not ironic part: as I opened my computer, then Facebook to get the link for their Facebook page, I type in She Speaks Stories, and up pops a picture of Katie. Arms wide like she is going in for a big hug. That was the sign for me to feel brave in saying, yup, this is the blog for today. Katie has been a mentor to me for nearly three years and I am so blessed to have met her. I love the very short words written on their FB page today, that described Katie so well:

This is Katie. She is a connector of people. She connects them to each other and to Jesus. She was in her element last night & it was a joy to watch. She adores people but she ADORES Military Wives. 

And, another not so ironic God moment! Earlier this week I listened to one of the podcasts (Episode #23) and felt so heavily that I needed to call my friend Katie and encourage her. I had just texted David though, telling him that I would be home soon and was having a very silly inner struggle… I need to go home but if I go home I can’t call her because… well two little munchkins that make phone calls hard, haha!So, I pull into the neighborhood, drive and park a few streets down and I called Katie. She didn’t answer so I left a short message. She texted me in the morning and told me how she had been encouraged. She was doing two live events this week, which I wasn’t really in the know of since we are no longer in Stafford any more. Come to find out one of the live events she was speaking at was… one for She Speaks Stories! 

I just think God can be so funny! He works around us, and if we are willing we can be part of the threadwork for a bigger picture. We may or may not see the threads that we are, but sometimes we will see the big picture once it has been completed.  

And one more little ironic thing… I opened iTunes to get the link for the podcast directly and as I am scrolling through their titles, was reminded that their first two podcasts (Episode 1 & Episode 2) open with Katie and Susan talking about their Christmas memories (remember the suggestion from my mom about talking about Christmas this week). This week wasn’t my week to share my Christmas stories, but Katie’s and Susan’s. 

Hope you enjoy!! Maybe another week I can share some of the other podcasts I love!

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