This week I am starting a new section of the blog, herStory (instead of history, it’s all about her story). What is herStory?

Let me explain,

This year I have really felt God pressing upon my heart how we ALL have a story. (Most more than one story.) Some may call it a testimony, others a struggle, others a treasure. No matter what our story is, it has left us with opportunities of growth. And if we are willing, opportunities to share, so that others may grow, be encouraged, and even learn from our mistakes and stories so that they don’t have to experience what we went through.

In my few short years of being a Marine wife, I have met countless wonderful women and families. Women from all over the United States, even the world. Unique personalities, likes, and dislikes. Something I treasure has been all the unique flavors and recipes I have been able to add into my recipe box.  

As much as I pushed against and hated the idea of moving away from my family and home state of Ohio 

Can I get an, O-H… (only if you are from Ohio or maybe one of our great state rivals, will you know how to answer this!)

God had other plans. 

Not only adding to my recipe box, I have accumulated many lessons of things to do, and of course things NOT to do. Stories of encouragement and growth.  A love story of God bringing together two people from two different continents. A crazy God story of adoption. Stories, where I am actually speechless and think, “wow that is a God story!”

I want to use this space to bring in girlfriends that can share their stories and life experiences

Do you have a story, that as you read this post, you felt that small space in your heart pounding, reminding you of a certain occasion in your life? Please comment and reach out. I’d love to chat with you about those things and allow you to share YOURSTORY. 

My, friend Chrissie is going to share herStory of how and why she started using essential oils. I am SURE you either know someone who uses them, or have heard about them.  Chrissie is one of the ladies that I am so blessed and thankful for the Marine Corps and God bringing us together. Without stealing any of herStory, I’ll let her do the talking!  

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