Essential Oils

My son was 4 months old, my daughter was in the midst of the “terrible twos” and my husband was deploying to the Middle East for 4 months. It was not a good time for me. Did I mention I lived in Guam? I was literally halfway around the world from all my friends and family, learning how to be a mom to two kids and dealing with Postpartum Depression for the first time. My sweet son, who I love dearly, was also not the easiest baby. The child DID NOT SLEEP. To say I was desperate for any kind of help I could find would be an understatement. 

I’d been watching a friend of mine on Facebook share her journey into the world of Essential Oils for some time, but like most of us, I assumed it was just some new fad that people were jumping on in an attempt to make money from home. I would read her posts and move on, thinking it wasn’t for me. But during that time of desperation 3 years ago, something inside me told me to take a closer look. I think God was trying to show me a way to get help when I felt like I had nowhere else to turn. 

I got in touch with my friend and after a few conversations about oils, decided to jump in head first. Now, let me tell you, I am not a person to spend $150 lightly. I tend to spend months agonizing over spending that kind of money on something, especially something that I know so little about. But again, DESPERATE. So I signed up for the “business” in order to get the wholesale prices and anxiously awaited my starter kit.

When it arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I pulled out the pretty diffuser and all the colorful oil bottles and started my never-ending research. (I say “never-ending” because I am still researching essential oils and their uses to this day. There are SO many ways to use them… I’m pretty sure I’ll still be learning new uses 20 years from now.) My first goals were to improve my son’s sleep and to help ease my postpartum depression. It took a few weeks of trying various combinations of oils before I found what helped my son sleep. And it didn’t make him magically sleep through the night, but it did give him longer stretches of sleep, which gave me longer stretches of peace. If you’re a new mama and you’re struggling with sleepless nights, you will be sold on these oils when they make that sweet baby actually shut their eyes! I also quickly found a combination that helped with my PPD. I firmly believe God brought these two solutions to me so quickly so that I would continue to pursue this oily lifestyle. I was so impressed with how they worked that I decided to try to apply them to every aspect of my life.

Fast forward to present day and my family has gone chemical-free on almost everything. And most of that is thanks to my lovely oils. I use oils or oil products for cleaning, medicinal needs, scrapes and cuts, laundry, cooking, immune system support, to shorten illnesses, mental health help, skincare, toothpaste, soaps, bug spray, sunscreen, diaper rash cream, etc. The list goes on and on! I used them during my third pregnancy, both while pregnant and during labor, and it made ALL the difference. I’ve even given them to my mom to help with her osteoarthritis and neuropathy. And I feel safe using them on my family because they’re straight from nature with no added synthetic chemicals or toxins. Young Living Essential Oils go above and beyond to make sure you are getting PURE essential oils. That stuff you see at Walmart or Target for $8 a bottle is full of synthetic chemicals and can actually do more harm than good in some instances. I don’t work for or sell Young Living so I have nothing to gain financially by telling you this. I’m just passionate about sharing the knowledge and making sure people use the oils safely so they don’t get a bad reputation. 

Did you know the use of essential oils dates back to biblical times? They’re God’s original medicine. The Bible contains over 200 references to oils. We all know how the wise men brought frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus. Another example is Ecclesiastes 9:8: “Let thy garments always be white, and let thy head lack no ointment.” The anointing of Jesus can be found in John 12:3. If you’re interested in other biblical references to oils, the book Essential Oils Pocket Guide lists several pages of them. I also recommend the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern if you’re going to start using oils on your children. There are different recommendations on how you use oils for children versus adults, because their bodies aren’t fully developed yet and will process the oils differently.

If you’re considering jumping into the oily world, I recommend some prayer and research before you get started. If God has put in on your heart to look into this, it could be an answered prayer for a need in your family. Using essential oils has changed my life. My husband jokes that I’m always saying, “I have an oil for that!” And my kids now ask for oils when sick or hurt, before asking for any medicine. They’ve seen the healing power first hand. I even got my husband on board when he had a cracked rib and couldn’t find a way to ease the pain. “I’ve got an oil for that!”, I told him. And it worked. 

Be patient. Do research. Remember that all of our bodies are different so we all require different oils and oil combinations for different things. Be willing to try multiple oils before you find what works for you. Because once you find the right one, you’ll be so happy to heal yourself and your family with God’s medicine. 

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