Self-care or Selfishness

Wow, I set a “planned” day of the week to start posting my blogs and I failed epically my first week with that… 

However, that got me thinking about how many of us have the best intentions to start a new routine, be it a workout routine, devos, a cleaning schedule, posting a blog once a week, ________. [You fill in the blank with the goals or aspiration you have for your day.] As a mom, it is so easy for one thing to throw off my entire day’s schedule. But IT IS OK! Let’s not get discouraged, but wake up the next day and pick up where we left off. 

Back to the topic I feel like I want to write about today. I don’t have a ton to write about it, because, to be honest, I am still working through this myself. I’d love your input as well, if it’s from a good book, quote, or other blog post that you have read or know of that has encouraged you on this topic.


Self-care is IMPORTANT…even though sometimes, I find it hard to sit down and take care of myself. I have others to take care of and want to give them my best. But if I am not taking care of myself, then am I truly giving them my best? 

I was listening to a podcast, That Sounds Funwith Annie F. Downs, with her guest Curtis Zackery. In this episode, CZ quoted Parker Palmer, 

Then probably less than ten minutes later, I was having a conversation with someone and she started talking about how VERY important self-care is. This stood out to me enough, that I thought maybe someone else needs to hear it as well this week. 

Self-care can look different to each person. It could also look different day to day, week to week or even during different seasons of life. It shouldn’t be limited to the physical act of “pampering” by getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, hair cut/colored. It should also include taking mental breaks from your endless to-do list that will never be finished. I’d encourage you to sit down and grab a coffee. Pair that coffee with a good friend, a book, a movie, TV show, or even just sit down outside / inside and just drink your coffee while it is hot, in silence! 

Or pass the coffee, LAY DOWN AND TAKE A NAP!

Like I said, this would be short and sweet this week! 

PS – Have any of you started taking a scripture each week to meditate on? If so, do you have any inspiring “God moments” in which you saw the truth of your scripture show up in your daily life? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to encourage and have others read how God was speaking to you! 

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