Making Time for Coffee… but tips for an even better source of Caffeine

As Pricilla Shirer, said in her Bible study, Armor of God, “The fact is, when you are in war, you don’t relax your resolve or disengage from active warfare. You don’t take a vacation.” *

What are youdoing to combat the enemy daily? 

Here is some truth from the Bible

What about you? What scripture do you put to use daily? 

There have been chapters of my life that I have really been ON TOP of my quiet time. Then there are chapters like the one I am currently living in where if I do not write down my thoughts the moment I have them then they are quickly forgotten. Until, around 3 am when I wake up to a tiny voice babbling or crying through the baby monitor. Or sometimes, there are those lucky nights of jolting wide awake with, “aha, that’s what I was trying to remember!” 

I have the best intentions to get my quiet time in. Yet I am living in a house that feels overloaded with laundry, piles and piles of laundry. I have a sink and dishwasher that seem to always be full, the moment I have emptied them out, like a revolving door that never stops. (REAL LIFE: currently, a dishwasher load **woops that I need to go start**  pus a sink AND counter full of dirty dishes because, well, my dishwasher broke in the middle of potty training, and of course why not throw in the mix attempting to paint two walls in our new house…) 

A floor that seems to be a magnet to crumbs and sticky-somethings, especially within a few minutes of it being swept and mopped! Really though, how much dirt and sticky can two little feet bring in throughout one day? 

Now, when it comes to my body, I always make sure to eat breakfast… most days. Better yet, I definitely make sure to have my cup of coffee everymorning. (Although it may have been heated in the microwave more times than I can count. Then of course, I eat lunch, dinner, snacks, and water, but do I make a conscience effort to sit down and spend quiet time reading my Bible, or a devotional, and praying?

I am one who loves to sit and dissect the Bible. I love to look up words in Greek or Hebrew and to dig deeper with scripture references and commentaries. (I have an AMAZING tool I will share with y’all soon!) I would love to sit for an hour or more reading, praying, and worshipping, but I just do not have that kind of time right now. Yes, there are days where I can sit for longer periods of time, but it is not an everyday occurrence. 

I have days when I struggle and believe I didn’t spend enough time doing my devotional day… (the enemies lie!)

Or other days I struggle when I believe I am “just too busy” to fit it in today.

But LET’S BE HONEST: I don’t have the time, NOT to spend time with God.

In our current chapters of life, we need to allow ourselves grace to know our devotional (devos) / quiet time isn’t going to look the same way as it did in high school, college, or before one child, or two children, (fill in your life situation).  AND THAT IS COMPLETELY OK.

We need to know and be okay with the fact that this time of our lives is going to look different. But it is not an excuse to stop doing them all together.

So, I want to share with y’all some of my favorite tools that I have added to my arsenal for spending time with Jesus in this chapter of my life:

1. Turning on praise & worship music throughout your day:

There are many resources… but my favorites right now are Bethel’s Pandora Station as well as Bethel Music on YouTube. Some of my repeat songs currently are 

Reckless Love

Good Good Father

O Come to the Altar

PS: my daughter has recently started to sing along to songs while they play in the house. Hearing such a sweet little voice sing praises to God.. telling Him how He is a, “good good father…” makes my heart melt! Not only that, but it reminds me how important it is to be conscience of what I have on the tv/radio while my little ones are around. Our children are just like sponges, and if we aren’t careful with our words, our vocabulary will soon be our children’s vocabulary.

2. Taking just 1 scripture from the weekly sermon you listen to, write it down on a 3×5 card, stick it somewhere that you can look at it often and be reminded of Gods truth. Then wait and see how this one scripture can come alive during your week. (Your car dashboard, bathroom mirror, vanity mirror are all great places to try.)

Other times you can look for specific scriptures to learn and memorize by topic. For instance, if you are needing peace… google “scriptures on peace” you might get 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV) “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

3. Here are a few simple daily reads:

(the titles have links for easy access to my favorite.. Amazon!)

31 Days of Prayer

31 Days of Praiseh

Power of a Praying Wife

Power of a Praying Parent

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

[I do not believe these should replace your time in the Bible… but let’s be honest, as moms or military spouses, sometimes we have days where we need something short and sweet like this.]

4. Finally, there are short daily devotionals with scriptures. I like to use the free app, YOUVERSION is a Bible app with many different versions of the Bible; but, it also has endless devotionals in a variety of topics. AH-mazing!

*Shirer, Priscilla. The Armor of God. LifeWay Press, 2015.

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